A Christmas Gift-Part 1

          Christmas reminds us of God's greatest gift, Jesus Christ our Messiah.
God loves us so much, he sent His only son to come to Earth, surrender His
reign so to take on the flesh of man and become vulnerable to man's injustices.

            Christ had to surrender and submit to the will of His father in order to accomplish His designated purpose, to be the ultimate sacrifice for the atonement of our sins. I mean, in God's design, the only way for Him to give mercy on us was to have love expressed in such a way as sacrificial giving. Christ not only loved His father, but us as well, yes even you and me.

            Well, preceding Christ's birth, there were two people who had decided to express their love for God through the act of surrender and submission. An act that would cost them the right to themselves through great personal sacrifice. Even through this, they committed themselves to be obedient servants available to God. 

            Over the next couple of blogs, follow me as I share who these two people were and their value of teaching the importance of surrender, submission, and availability to God.

Merry Christmas!



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