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What Is Your Destiny?

History Repeating The LORD lead me to this scripture  in my time with Him this morning. Interesting how the same events are occurring today. There is a reason why. Do you know? Please share your answer in the comments. Is CHRISTAIN just a title you poses or a lifestyle? What defines being a Christian? Hint: It's not considering yourself or being considered a "good" person. What is your IDENTITY in the Kingdom of God? Who do you identify with, this world or God the Father? What is your VALUE to God the Father? Why does God desire to give you PURPOSE? What responsibility do you have toward your fellow man? What is the Great Commission? What are the two Great Commandments? Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the first  "First Responder". He came to rescue man from the perils of a fallen world, a life captive by Satan's destructive ways. Christ did not horde His knowledge or practice to Himself. He came to teach us. How? By giving you and me His identity, v