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Supernatural Faith

And He said, “Come!” And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus. (Matthew 14:29) Link to Britt Nicole's "Walk on the Water" In Matthew 14:22, Christ sent the disciples to the other side of the Sea of Galilee alone. He did not go with them. Matthew 14:29 depicts what happens to a believer (disciple) when he or she obeys, even when afraid. In the previous verses, one reads about the storm that came upon the disciples as they were sailing on the Sea of Galilee. Christ knew of their situation and went to them. The disciples were afraid because of the storm and when Christ showed up, they thought He was a ghost. Maybe because they were not expecting to witness Christ through this supernatural manifestation. They could not identify Him. But what happens? Christ called out to them to tell them to take courage. Do not fear. Not satisfied, Peter yelled out for Christ identify Himself. Peter asked

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TRANSFORMATION- Understanding Your Value

The only way to recognize a sinner is to know your life before Christ. The only way to forgive a sinner is to receive God's forgiveness towards you. The only way to love a sinner is to accept the love our Father God provides you through His son, Jesus Christ. God's desire for you = significance. Have you accepted your significance in God's eyes? In Christ (intimacy not acquaintance) we are given opportunity to be sanctified or become more like Christ. The power of the influence of sin diminishes as I am transformed. Transformation requires intention, knowledge, and practice (James 1:21-24). As humans, having to live in the flesh and this world, we are continuously bombarded with the temptation to sin. No matter how great or small. As a Christian, surrendered, submitted, and obtaining fulfillment in Christ, you are forgiven and empowered over sin. No longer being changed by it's influence, but changing it's influence on you. Believe me, I know. I love Pa

What Kind of Path Do You Provide?

If you were a street, what direction would you point?  Would you be a "THROUGH WAY" a "DETOUR" or a "DEAD END"?  Would you be a "TOLL ROAD" or "PAID FOR"?  Jesus Christ came to open a direct path to "FATHER GOD" for those who chose to travel His path.  When Jesus left the disciples, He delegated the responsibility to each of them (Matt 28:19-20, 22:37-40). The Christian faith is not a fad, culture, or game.  Many people sign up, very few follow through with intentions to "follow Christ" to intimacy with God. The world offers a wide gate, an easy entrance into "self indulgent, sinful life" but Christ opened a wide gate to a narrow path (Matt 7:13-14) that leads to sanctification. Lives completely surrendered and submitted to God (bond servant). Only then can we obtain fulfillment...become more and more like Christ...mind, body, Spirit. Available to provide transformation to others, rescuing them fro