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Trust in God

Going into burning buildings when the rats and roaches were running out were humbling experiences. Many times during my cereer as a firfighter/paramedic did I have to trust in my skills and abilities. But I knew I could fail.  Not only was I responsible for my own life but the lives of my piers and those I was sent to rescue. Search and rescue  for victims in a confined space, hotter than an oven, darker than the darkest night, full of smoke, and fighting fire is a challenge. Who else could I rely on for guidance but the Holy Spirit. As a believer then and now, I know and understand better is my trust in God than myself. Today, with a number of personal God given "rods in the fire",  I am blessed with the opportunity to surrender control and completely obey and trust in my God (Matthew 14:28,29). Many do not get that opportunity. Thank you Abba Father to have the preveledge to be identified in and through you. You challenge me to grow me. You do not enable me without re

Time to Reconcile

Imagine your life without an account with Abba. Very vulnerable to theft. Satan and his demons are on the prowl looking for those who are living foolishly with their life's credit. The credit afforded by the death and resurrection of Christ. We are in a period of reckoning. Reconcile your account with God. Come to balance. Now is the time. Any other tower or means of protection will crumble. Pay off dept and "forgive your debtors". Surrender to the one who desires to manage your assets..your life and all it contains. Live according to the first great commandment, "Love thy God with all thy heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind" Matthew 22:37.  What sustains your life? Your heart. Surrender all that sustains you, career, family, possessions, etc to Him. Allow Him to have complete control. Surrender your mind, do not fret. Surrender you soul. Know God as a bondslave...surrender your rights to yourself. Then serve in freedom as a bondslave to Go

Josh Garrels - Sweet River Roll



Bask in the rays of our Father's light. Praise and glorify His name. His mercy and grace transcends our understanding. His desire for each of us is unfathomable. Deeper than our ability to comprehend yet allows us to experience. As you travel through the vallies, look up unto His majesty. Seeing the mountains as if they are His fingertips. Sense your presence in the palm of His hand. He is in control!!! The oceans cannot contain the depth of our Father's love. The power of the greatest waves do not measure in comparison to our Father's strength. The darkest night cannot hold back the penitrable power of His light. He knows, "I AM." Says our Father. "Do not fret, I AM WITH YOU!" It is hard to listen when our ears are plugged with the sounds of our worries. Trust is practiced when we keep our eyes on Him and not the water. Guilt has no place when stepping out. He knows our weaknesses and lifts us up. Keep focus on Him.