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Christ was concerned whether people received Him but His identity was not dependent on it. Christ had the most critical component of His significance, His relationship with His Father. Christ knew that in order to fulfill His responsibility He must maintain His relationship with His Father in order to sustain His purpose here on Earth; RESCUE, RESUSCITATE, RESTORE a lost, thirsty, hungry, injured, dying population suffocating being slaughtered because of the selfish will of man. Christ had to gain access to those lost, in  the storm. Access that only provided one way in and one way out. You see, His only alternative was that of which He taught others, a very narrow path, death.  Christ was a physician highly trained in technical rescue. He specialized in Fire Suppression, Advanced Life Support, Trauma Life Support, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Extrication, Haz Mat, High Angle Rescue, and Trench Rescue.  Christ was and still is the Operations Chief of Heavens Special Opera