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Does leadership equate to authority? Manager not = leadership Motive? Success or status? Servant leader.... What value system do you have? Is failure a key to being successful? Building muscle analogy....body system analogy.... Know your place: who you are and who you are not. . Delegate...brings sense of value to individual. Confidence self and management. Respond as oppose to react. Focus: Establish and sustain KINGDOM influence. Rescue- Requires a team {one man is an island [For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself; ROMANS 14:7 NASB]} Goal: Encourage/develope individual responder responsibility. (Empowerment)! Plan: Teach CPR- Goal, maintain or resuscitate life. Return of Spontaniuos Respiration C- Compassion- care enough to bring a change ( face the issue) S- Strategize- negotiate O-Observe behavior ( R- Resources (disciplinary policy) How does the Kingdom Responder foster change in another? A) Ignore behavoir

Fighting The Good Fight

I've been watching YouTube videos of our military on patrol in Afghanistan.  The insurgents are relentless in their attacks. Their tactics are such to cause chaos. Their goal, to target the emotion (fear) through attempting to inflict doubt.  I've watched and learned how ground troops communicate with the A10 pilots to coordinate counter attacks. Often after taking a significant amount of time surveying, taking account the enemies movements, learning how the insurgents move, what weapons they have, all while being fired upon. Not immediately fighting back due to the understanding of giving up position.   My mind sees myself as a soldier for the Kingdom who's enemy is relentless in his attacks, a desire is to cause chaos in my life in which will bring my gaurd down making me vulnerable.  I pray for strength. Prayer reminds me I'm not alone. Prayer is speaking to my commander, obtaining "air support" and communicating with the other troops