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Open doors

Every once and a while I will look at the statistics identifying how many hits the site has obtained and from where. These numbers and places vary from month to month. Never underestimate your significance in Christ or your influence. I realize these numbers only reflex those that come across Responding to the Call (RTC) while looking for another site. At least there is exposure. To date, since the onset of this blog I have had over thirteen thousand hits. Not sure what it means, if anything. Praying that someone may see something within this material to spark a curiosity or change of heart back toward God. Pray for this ministry. Doors are opening in Ghana and Nairobi to maybe partner in ministries training up trainers. Those who will go and "grow" the body (church). Israel 2099 United States 77 Ukraine 73 China 18 France 4 Germany 2 Ethiopia 1 Ghana 1 Gambia 1 Romania 1

Your role, to resuscitate man's heart back to Christ


Are you serving your anointing?