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Invest In God

The most valuable asset any believer has is an intimate relationship with God. Intimacy defined by "knowing" God beyond salvation. The bondservant released his right to himself. He surrendered to God completely. That positioned him to know God as LORD. He gave God complete control or sovereignty over his life. Then set out to change the world, continuing the responsibility of Christ (Matt 28:19-20, 22:37-40). Strong assets assures longevity.  Longevity assures availability. Availability assures access. Access provides opportunity. Oportunity provides implementation. Implementation accomplishes goals. Goals identify direction. Direction provides outcomes. Outcomes provide accomplishment. Accomplishments confirm purpose. Purpose identifies value. Value identifies assets. The cycle continues. Break the cycle, destroy the influence. Destroy the influence, wipe away the threat. That is Satan's plan. Trust and obey God and he will not succeed. Responding to the Call C

Be Still

Have you ever planned an event where you got so caught up in the task of hosting that event that you neglected your purpose for having the event in the first place? Or maybe somebody asked you to do something and you get caught up in the process of completing what they've asked you to do that you overlook the reason why you are fulfilling the request? I remember a time when I invited some new friends over to the house to meet my family and have dinner. The evening flowed well. Time was spent in introduction, getting to know one another and then sitting down to the meal. Unfortunately, at the end of the meal, I took the dishes into the kitchen and startd cleaning dishes instead of going back to my family and guests to continue engaging them.  Not realizing I was neglecting the opportunity for fellowship. It didn't take me long to realize that I was getting caught up in the task of being a host. There is value in setting work aside. In regards to serving God, we have to reme

God's University (Part 2)

The Great Commission and the two great commandments reveal the desire of God to bestow upon man the same responsibility that He gave His son Jesus Christ. In order to receive such an honor, man must enter into a relationship as so intimate with God as the relationship He had with His son Jesus. The early apostles experience such intimacy. They lived their lives not only engaged with God, but so committed,  surrendered and submitted to Him they practiced God's supernatural power. A power instilled through the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Understand their walk with God was a lifestyle. Lived out every day. Today, the institutional church is divided not only corporately but individually as well. Many "Christians" are living compartmentalized lives. Their Christian association is expressed only on the major holidays or marginally on Sunday. Availability is key in a relationship. Being a Christian is not an entitlement, it is a calling ( John 15:16, 19)

God's University

Fulfillment reached by sound discipline living out a life surrendered and submitted to God. In unity with your other clasmates. Your major, the Great Comission and the two great commandnents. Your textbook, the Bible. No sororities to devide by social, cultural, or economic status. The mascot, the cross. The Ama Marter, The LORD'S prayer. The colors, cremson. The reason for loyalty, Christ's blood she'd on the cross. Enrollment, eternity. Tuition - paid in full Clint.