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Oneness with Christ

It has been my experience, that there are times when Father allows my prayer to become active. I mean, dig into the content of what it is I am praying about. So, in obedience, woke this morning at 5 am to "dig in" to the Bible to learn at least one example of what it means to be "one" with God...Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Did you know that James was the half brother (Matt 13:55, Mark 6:3) of Jesus Christ? It is interesting that James, having been given the prime opportunity to "know" or be "one" with Christ, would be so, but not so. Not until later (Christ's death and resurrection) in his life would he surrender to the understanding of his half brother as LORD and Savior. I guess this shows that association does not necessarily equate relationship. "It is suggested by Christian scholars that James' audience were those "twelve tribes scattered among the nations" (James 1:1) Jewish-Christians who scattered out into the far-fl