As a former first responder, and currently as an ER nurse, I understand that responding to a call takes teamwork. There is no "I" in team.  I believe in the power of unity in Christ. Where two or more are gathered.... It is my desire that God would use this ministry to bring other discipleship ministries together to serve those in need.

The apostle Paul warned about being divided in our service to God. He warned the church to remain united so that the evil one would not devour. Well, as "first responders" we are to serve together, and Responding to the Call wants to provide that platform of opportunity. If you have a ministry that focuses on discipling believers to mature their relationship with Christ, contact me.

Currently, the following are ministries partnering with Responding to the Call to serve God. Please take a moment, touch  the name of the ministry below and you will be linked to its website.

Faith and Health Connection- Rock Hill, SC


  1. Would love to be considered a partner. Aid for MedicallyIndigent


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