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Distribution of adults along Transformational Journey

Unaware of sin1%
Indifferent to sin16%
Worried about sin39%
Forgiven of sin9%
Forgiven and active24%
Holy discontent6%
Broken by God3%
Surrender and submission1%
Profound love of God0.5%
Profound love of people0.5%

The above information was developed by the Barna Group after a pole of adult Americans to determine their distribution during the transformational journey experienced by those with some belief in God but unaware of the concept of sin and effect in their lives.

Barna, George (2012). Mapping the Journey. Anita K. Palmer (Ed.), Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus(Kindle Version),(Location 409-519), Barna Group (www.barna. org), Fed and Company, Metaformation Inc., Strategenius Group LLC, and WHC Publishing.

In order to obtain a greater awareness of sin and its effect in your life, you must develop a greater relationship with God (Father, Son, Spirit).A good way to develop a greater relationship with God is to establish and maintain an open…