Distribution of adults along Transformational Journey

Unaware of sin                                 1%

Indifferent to sin                             16%

Worried about sin                           39%

Forgiven of sin                                  9%

Forgiven and active                        24%

Holy discontent                                 6%

Broken by God                                  3%

Surrender and submission             1%

Profound love of God                    0.5%

Profound love of people              0.5%

The above information was developed by the Barna Group after a pole of adult Americans to determine their distribution during the transformational journey experienced by those with some belief in God but unaware of the concept of sin and effect in their lives.

Barna, George (2012).  Mapping the Journey. Anita K. Palmer (Ed.), Maximum Faith: Live Like    Jesus(Kindle Version),(Location 409-519), Barna Group (www.barna. org), Fed and Company, Metaformation Inc., Strategenius Group LLC, and WHC Publishing.

In order to obtain a greater awareness of sin and its effect in your life, you must develop a greater relationship with God (Father, Son, Spirit).  A good way to develop a greater relationship with God is to establish and maintain an open line of communication.

Communication is key in any relationship. Communication provides ability for two or more parties to share information (thoughts, ideas, desires, perceptions,  or  knowledge) and establish a sense of value or meaning.  Either to establish a relationship with God or sustain a relationship with Him, one must believe He is and understand his or her available role in the relationship. By knowing God, the creator of the universe, wants to communicate with me, gives me a sense of value and purpose.  He must care that I exist by allowing me to know His desire to have me play a part in His master plan. One way for me to participate in a relationship with God to intentionally respond by acknowledging Him and start communicating, PRAY!

The book of Acts depicts the establishment and growth of the early church. In Acts 2:42 the church was described as being devoted  to follow doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and in prayer. By committing to these things, each individual within the body grew.  Your prayer is an essential part of your relationship with God. Why? Understanding.  The better you understand, the more willing you are to participate. The more you participate, the greater the sense of your value. Your desire will grow and you will be transformed. Your awareness of your place during this transformational journey provides a starting place, direction on how to get to where God desires you to be and stability in life (Romans 12:12).

Start today. Be intentional and consistent. Balance brings stability. Stability brings promise to mobility. Being mobile can prevent settling and getting stuck.


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