God's Pace

Provers 16:9 "The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps".

In the midst of transformation, there comes a time when you or I are given the opportunity to 
do something the LORD has called us to do. We are called to "obey". Hebrews 12:1

Take this ministry for instance. The LORD called me to "Empower First Responders to live for Christ". That is the call. How I implement it is a balance of God's guidance and my surrender and  to His authority even though I was given the responsibility to "do" and the autonomy to do it. 

I understand that, He set me out to run a race. He gave me the ability to "run" (do the ministry), the desire to run, and the track to run on. He did not place me in the position to set the "pace".I have autonomy to "do" what the LORD gives me to do, when He calls me to do it, but not the "authority" to direct it.  He must always remain in front of me. I cannot get out in front of Him. Proverbs 3:5,6. 

We live in a world that says to "run your own race". That can not be further from God's desire for us. Are you "out in front" of God?  Are you leaning on yourself? God must lead us, that way we are in His perfect will. We go in the direction He leads at His pace. Hard! I get it. We are better for it though. So is the work we do.  


  1. This page went right to my heart, brother, and it answered a few things for me. Hearing God's Voice from out of a thick fog is a blessing on any day. Thank you for writing this.


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