Knowing Your Liability

Psalms 97:10 " Hate evil, you who love the Lord. Who preserves the souls of His godly ones. He delivers them from the hand of the wicked."

            What has influence in your life?  Have you ever considered how  the music you listen to, the t.v. programs you watch, the people you hang with, the work you do, or the people you seek guidance from and the effect each may have in the day to day functions of your life?

             Do you know, as an ambassador of Christ's kingdom, you are held accountable for the decisions you make and actions you do or do not take?  You are responsible for what you speak. You are liable. It is hard sometimes to remember that. The thought of such responsibility can be overwhelming. What do you have to combat the risk of increasing your liability?  Your competency and who you seek as your council is crucial.

            As an RN I hold liability insurance. It is wise to do so.  Mistakes are possible and even likely. I exceed my employers protection as a measure of protecting myself.  I understand the risks of my profession. I accepted the responsibility of being a prudent and competent nurse. Lives would be dependent on it.  My reputation and livelihood would be made or broken because of it.

            As a believer, I understand that when I asked Christ into my life, I was given the responsibility to fulfill my role as one of His disciples. My call, to fulfill the great commission and live according to the two great commandments. Opportunity for error.  I accepted the fact that I would be held accountable to Christ for what I did to fulfill my responsibility (Acts 3:1-12). Again, lives, eternal lives would depend on it.  Humility helps to prevent arrogance which leads to complacency which leads to error which will increase liability.

            My protection is my competency in Christ, His grace, and having Him as my council.  Just as my nursing knowledge and skill is sustained through constant remediation, so to applies to my practice as a prudent and competent disciple of Christ's.

            I am thankful that Christ's death provides my insurance when I am held guilty of malpractice as a disciple. I must remember, just because I have the insurance, I am not to become complacent. I must maintain the level of competency of which I am qualified. 


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