God's Timing

1 Peter 5:6 "Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time,"

            Are you in reach of God?  No, not salvation, that puts you in the presence. Are you under His hand? Much closer in proximity. 

            Like any good father, God desires to bestow His greatest gift, His love so that we may "know" Him. Jeremiah 29:11-14 tells that God has a plan for you, to prosper and not to harm, to deliver you or provide you freedom from the bondage of sin.  He provides the bail, but you have to step out of the cell. That takes a complete trust in Him and a desire to leave the false sense of security you have obtained from being in the "cell" for too long.

            You have the responsibility to obey, follow His plan. Why? For the maturing of your faith.  To learn, develop, and implement your call, purposed to provide others the same opportunity you have been given through Christ...freedom and eternal life.

            This requires a deep understanding and knowledge of God. He will teach you the enemies schemes so you can "discern" or identify the right path while in the dark (sin filled) world.  Knowledge is obtained not just by hearing or reading about God, but doing or practicing His protocol (plan)...James 1:21-22. With intellectual and practical knowledge, you obtain a greater level of intimacy and maturity necessary to "KNOW" God.

            He desires to keep you from becoming a victim of the fallen world so to be a dependable "ambassador" of His world/kingdom.  Through intimacy with God, power is released, the same resurrecting power that raised Christ from the tomb. You are empowered to "GO" and provide others the same opportunity you have had to know God as you do to deliver them from the tomb of sin...eternal death. You are given the responsibility to "rescue" others without sacrificing your safety. This practice allows you live out the Great Commission and the two great commandments identified in Matthew chapters 22 & 28.

            You have been commissioned by the almighty and everlasting God to do as He did...and more. No...you do not become Christ, but He comes forth, present, and real through you for others to see and know. 

            God's timing is always perfect. Are you prepared to be dispatched? There are many injured. Victims have been identified. The alarm has sounded and there have been a number of your coworkers dispatched.  More are needed. Are you available? Are you confident? Are you competent in your knowledge and practical skills as a disciple so you can render aid?

            Remediation is prudent to sustain skills and knowledge.  Help is available.  Practice makes perfect...Respond to the call.


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