The Bible-God's Care Plan

In health care it is important to provide a "seamless" flow of continued care for patients.  This "flow" is important so that a patient receives the necessary, efficient care over time.  This is termed "continuity of care".  One of the goals is to provide trust in the patient/healthcare relationship.

At anytime, but especially difficult times, Christians must have an unwavering "trust" in God. Trust comes by faith. In Hebrews we see that the new Christians were persecuted because of their recognition of Christ as the Messiah. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as "the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."  Many of the new Christians turned back to their old ways, trusting in man, because of fearing persecution.

Many in the church today are being "turned back".  They are being transformed by the world. Not persevering in their faith.
Why do you think that is?      
                                                a. I am ok....don't need any help.
                                                b. Just a little bump in the road. I'm ok.
                                                c. He is angry at me.  His way of punishment.
                                                d. I don't trust Him.  Not sure He wants to help.
                                                e. I didn't realize He wants to help.

When seeking Him, we must turn to scripture. It is important to know that one can trust the scripture as being infallible.

In 2 Timothy 3 we learn that all scripture is God breathed, or inspired. Even though men had the responsibility to write it, they were inspired by God himself. Another verse that helps us to trust this is Romans 15:4. Here we learn that there is an important connection between the old and new testaments.       

Why do you think that is?

                                                a. To establish instruction which establishes perseverance and                                                     encouragement. Applicable to today.
                                                b. Just because...that is the way they wrote it.
                                                c. Help us to understand the similarity of their time and ours.
                                                d. I disagree....there is no connection. The Bible is out of date.                                                     Does not correspond with current trends, ideas, and thoughts.
The world today is in much of the same place it was in Biblical times. There is "continuity" between the old and new testaments. Why? God designed it to provide a "continuous flow" or "continuity of care" for our benefit. The men and women of the scripture were just like you and me, living with similar circumstances. We can learn from their situations the benefit of trusting in God.


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