Faith at Work

Many Christians unfortunately live compartmentalized lives...Christian on Sunday, self the rest of the week. Their faith in Christ is a part of their life but does not define their life.  Evidence of a lack of intimacy with Christ and God.

I am reading another book by George Barna "Churchless".  Another jam packed book filled with qualitative and quantitative statistics identifying those who no longer associate their faith with a local church.

One significant piece of information is, according to Barna Group,  young adults who are leaving the church identify that the "church" is too shallow. I quote, ["Young adults are constantly bombarded with information, images, sounds, and choices, and most are not content with a consistently ho-hum experience from church or anywhere else. For many, neither the local church as an institution nor the communal church as a relational entity is sufficiently unique or necessary to compel their involvement."  One quarter (24%) note that "faith is not relevant to my career or interests," showing their dissatisfaction with a non integrated Christianity]. (Barna, 2014).

Responding to the call is designed to help Christians integrate their faith into their lives. Helping them to grow beyond the compartmentalization into people identified and fulfilled in Christ. This will help them understand the value of their faith in the workplace.


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