Supernatural Faith

And He said, “Come!” And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus. (Matthew 14:29)

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In Matthew 14:22, Christ sent the disciples to the other side of the Sea of Galilee alone. He did not go with them. Matthew 14:29 depicts what happens to a believer (disciple) when he or she obeys, even when afraid.

In the previous verses, one reads about the storm that came upon the disciples as they were sailing on the Sea of Galilee. Christ knew of their situation and went to them. The disciples were afraid because of the storm and when Christ showed up, they thought He was a ghost. Maybe because they were not expecting to witness Christ through this supernatural manifestation. They could not identify Him. But what happens? Christ called out to them to tell them to take courage. Do not fear. Not satisfied, Peter yelled out for Christ identify Himself. Peter asked for Christ to call him to Him while still on the water.

Wow! That took guts! Took a tremendous amount of faith. Peter knew Christ. What happens? Did Peter turn back to consult with other carnal people who experienced the laws of the natural world? No! The disciples understood that man could not walk on water. He could not rely on their input. Peter did not rely on his own common sense either. He knew he could not walk on the water. But what Peter relied on is his faith that Christ was the Son of God. What happens? Peter stepped out of the boat without hesitation and walked toward Christ. What allowed Peter to walk on the water? God’s supernatural power. The same power that resurrected Christ from the tomb. What released God’s supernatural power? The supernatural faith of Peter.

Peter defaults back onto his natural law understanding but Christ was right there to lift him back up. He did not turn back to the boat in retreat. He kept walking toward Christ.
Christ returned Peter to the boat and the storm ceased, but after the other disciples could witness the outcome of Peter’s supernatural faith.

You and I are given the same responsibility when faced with significant, scary challenges. Change is occurring in our nation and in our world that will force you to confront your fears. DO NOT turn to your own understanding but rely on His (Psalm 119:169).

What opportunities do you have to reveal God’s supernatural power? Do you turn to Him out of your faith in His ability or retreat to your understanding and try to “walk on the water” alone? Do you consult with those who do not understand God's power? Are you held captive on the boat due to fear? TRUST IN GOD!!! SUBMIT, SURRENDER, AND OBEY HIM!!! Then you will learn about His desire to manifest His supernatural power in you.


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