Bridge The Gap

In Matthew 28 vs 19-20 we see that Christ commissions anyone who professes his name to make disciples. In Matthew chapter 22:37-40 he indicates to live according to these two great commandments loving by God with all my heart mind and soul and loving thy neighbor as thyself.

Understanding that Christ came from the order of Melchizedek,  John the Baptist in his act of baptizing Christ surrendered the Levitical order to the order of Melchizedek. Through this action in the natural, Christ's was identified both as high priest and King in the supernatural God then opened up the heavens and identified Christ as his one and only begotten Son.

Christs came to establish a church, not an institution. A body of believers who surrendered and submitted to him mind body and spirit. Anyone who professes Christ name must understand what he or she is stepping into. A life surrendered and submitted to the Father living out of a life of a bond slave, giving up the rights to self so to fulfill the responsibilities set forth by the Commission from the kingdom of God. Living out their lives as ambassadors not just in word but in action as well.

Within the establishment of organized Christianity, we see that an institution of
made man credentials under man's requirements suggesting that your only authenticated if you meet the requirements set forth by man. The same process as the Levitical order. Requiring educational mandates. In turn, you are only qualified to speak as a representative of God if you have these degrees. That is not true.

Those who are authenticated through a true authentic relationship with Christ are given the platform of the kingdom of God to stand on. The Rock! Anyone who truly surrenders and submits to the Kingdom's auspices can go out and fulfill the Commission in the two great commandments.

Serving Christ is not a profession, it is a lifestyle!


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