"Though You Slay Me" (featuring John Piper)

We may not understand why tragedy occurs. Human instinct is to try to "figure out" the "WHY?" during and after such tragic events. Affliction causes pain. There is no quick remedy in nature to emotional pain and suffering which accompany such tragic events such as witnessed in Las Vegas. 

My hope is that you and others seek God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)  not so much for answers, but for rest and comfort of the mind, body, and Spirit. Most often, in the surrender and submission to the Holy Spirit, we find rest in God. One may release fears, anger, resentment, and loss of control to God.

I have found in my many years in Emergency Medicine, that the only way I could endure the tragedy I witnessed was to find strength through trusting in God. I do not hide or bury my pain (however expressed) by ignoring it. I confront it knowing God is with me. I do not seek understanding as much as I do the realization of the reality of living in a "fallen" world. I know I am in it but do not have to become like it. I know I have a call to be a light in such a dark place. Lighting a dark area depends on a power source. I do not rely on my power because I know it is weak. I rely on God's power because I know His love endures.

Pray for the family of the shooter, the victims, and those who serve in public safety who are left to shuffle through the shock and must pick up and respond to the next call or next patient coming through the door.

God, your mercy be upon them!


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