Identity Crisis

Ever wonder why so many churches are still "branding" themselves? Today's institutional church seems so much like big business....because it is.

Too much disunity in the form of denominations and nondenominational brands "competiting" for your "business"... attendence and tithe. Obviously, the bigger you are, the richer you are must mean your doing something right....Right? Just because a brand is popular does not mean it's quality will endure.

Truth be told, the church in the western culture is not growing. Why? At evidence of God's presence (fruit) within most of those attending and those leading.

What happens when consumers no longer find what they are seeking from a local retailer?   They leave!

Well, back in the day, most individuals had to rely on the discipline of God (i.e. LABOR ) to have provisions to live. No retailer or government  as we know today to go and "conveniently" buy or receive from.

Same goes for the Church (ekklesia )individuals were responsible for his/her relationship with God , a design as evidenced in Acts, so to protect the body from arbitrarily following a leader, whom just because he said what seems correct or esteemed sole of man (degreed) but having no fruit. How can anyone know what fruit looks like unless them self have understanding of its true likeness?

Christ came to establish the Church, not a business. Not franchise Himself by the means we have witnessed over the past 30 years.

Read the verse bellow?  Pray. What do you see? Lean not on your own understanding.

Isaiah 50:10-11


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