Are You Ready?

Christ came to model the life of which He would teach us to live. His first action was the submission and surrender to His Father’s will. In
that, Christ gave up His rights, His deity, His will. Why? So the Father could fulfill His purpose through Christ.

Only through a truly surrendered and submitted heart can God fulfill Himself through His vessel, you and me. As God leads, we go. As we go, He is there to do His work by His Spirit manifesting Himself in us.

In the book of Jeremiah, God describes His desire to fulfill Himself in and through Jeremiah. Jeremiah's responsibility was to align himself with God's plan. How? By trusting in God. Trust is key!  God explained to Jeremiah that only by seeking Him with his whole heart, could he find God. (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

God’s plan, or path is ever winding, blazing through a terrain not suited for man alone. We live in a fallen world, born behind enemy lines instructed to “raise God’s banner” in the middle of the enemies camp. We are asked to take risks for God. Risks that are calculated by Him far ahead of the time we are lined up to receive them. It is during that time God prepares us by teaching us His word and giving small opportunities to practice them (James 1). Obedience is key! Practice makes perfect right? 

God does not move mountains out of our way by lifting them up off the trajectory of our course. He asks us to trust His coordinates and suggests we put our hiking boots on. Get ready!!


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