Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I need Him!

I have gained much wisdom at the grace of Father. 

 I still need Him! 

When swept into the torrent of life, when all I really wanted was a taste of it's water

I need Him! 

When I turned Left but meant to go right

I need Him! 

When trying to walk away and the Devil pics a fight 

I need Him! 

When I look in the mirror and then turn in the light 

I need Him! 

When my heart is heavy because I'm lost in the Forrest of doubt 

I need Him! 

When living in this world and there is nowhere to escape and I'm ready to step out 

I need Him! 

At the moment I realize I can no longer live for myself and there a purpose to my being when I've been blinded by the darkness and His eyes give me sight which is beyond my comprehension, or my own ability of seeing I found Him! I love Him! I know Him! I grow in Him! 



  1. When I encounter people so contrary to themselves in foolish behavior that they are hard to love…

    I need Him!!!

    1. Good morning Anonymous!

      So true! I am thankful for your comment because I reflect on myself. Am I being contradictory? That is always a concern of mine. I do and will fail. Sometimes, even on purpose. No excuse but important to recognize human nature.

      Before I can judge another for the spec in their eye, I must remove the beam from my own ( Matthew 7:5).

      See the line, "When I look in the mirror and turn on the light." I included that because of the need, to be honest with myself. It is hard to be honest with myself or others if living by a double standard or living a lie. It is kind of like looking at a mirror in complete darkness. When I sincerely ask Jesus into my life, it's turning on the light so as to see myself as God does. My sin is worthy of God's wrath, thankfully, Jesus stands before me, and I am forgiven. How? Christ already received the judgment for me.

      I can't have two masters! Matthew 6:24. Repentance is the intentional will to surrender ownership of my life to God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

      One way I can reflect on the forgiveness I received when Christ died on the cross? Do as God does! Give in the measure of which you have received (Luke 6:38). Place the offender's sin on Jesus by laying it before His feet. God will you to forgive. You may not forget. Forgiveness allows you to live in a more joyful, peaceful condition. Free from strongholds, the prison cell of anger.

      Live in freedom!

      Thank you! I needed your feedback.

      In Him, for Him, through Him (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)


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