To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter of support on behalf of Mr. Clinton J. Fleming in his quest to empower first responders to live a life for Jesus Christ.

I know Clinton to be a man of strong moral character.  I believe you will find him to have a mature, intimate, and devoted relationship with Christ.  Clinton is passionate and committed in helping others obtain a similar relationship.  That is what discipleship is about. 

I believe Clinton to be a true professional with great drive.  I wholeheartedly support him and ask that you give serious consideration to his calling to serve God and his community.

If I can provide any further information pertaining to Mr. Fleming, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Representative William M. “Bill” Chumley
South Carolina House of Representatives 
District 35

Dr. Constance Wright, Dean
Education Department
North Greenville University

The impact of this ministry in my life has been an absolute blessing. Not only has the ministry influenced my work as a law enforcement officer, it has encouraged me to share my faith with others in my profession. I am very thankful for Clint's diligence and love for Christ that have helped this ministry reach men and woman in the emergency services field. His passion, friendship, and fellowship continues to encourage me every day to seek Christ first and to glorify God in all that I do. Thank you brother!

R. Diaz
Police Officer, NC


  1. Great site, Clint, pray God uses you mightily!
    Tommy Neiman


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