Nature Proclaims

I was in my office the other day staring out the window.  It was a cold rainy day with some fog. I was thinking to myself that just how cold it has been this late in the year here in South Carolina.  I was looking at the trees outside.  Their branches bare of any life yet although the signs of Spring are approaching.

I thought of the scripture that describes the fact that man should know God exists because nature expresses His presence (Psalm 74).  Then I thought of the seasons in the order from spring to spring.  I thought how the seasons depict the life of Christ.

In the beginning of His ministry, there was life. God the father identified His son when Jesus was baptized. In the Spring, new life begins. All things are made new. New growth. Beauty abounds. The summer was the work of His three year ministry. Many came to know that the Messiah was alive. Many came out to see Him and find Him.  Summer is a time when we get out and enjoy the outdoors, nature. Revelations chapter 22 describes God as the living water, a river sustaining life. A life abundant if rooted in Him.

Fall depicts when Jesus was persecuted.  The marking of the end of His presence in the physical sense.  The leaves fall off the trees, identifying the end of their presence. A life lived in service to bring fresh air. Remember leaves act as a filter to take the carbon dioxide out of the air and produce fresh, life sustaining oxygen. Jesus was a filter of the sin of man. The ultimate, last sacrifice to provide a cleansing of mans sin.  When winter comes, the plants and trees are bare of life, seemingly dead, but they are not. They are dormant in order to survive the winter. Christ did die in the flesh, but not in the Spirit. He will return to the earth.  In the winter, the snow falls. Snow is pure white in color. It beautifies even the most unpleasant landscapes. Jesus' death was provided so that we may be made whole again with God. The beauty of His creation restored. Presenting ourselves beautiful to God again. Spring is the time we see new life, new beginning, a "resurrection" of nature.

I would think that it would be natural for man to understand and comprehend the essence of God's message as written in nature and the scripture. How wonderful it is to see His mark on His creation. His design. Another witness to His presence and control.
How strange that man wants to re-define God's "natural" design with the unnatural. Why? One reason, Control. Man does not want any connection with God because it would lead to correction, rebuke of man and his sinful nature.  Easier to manipulate others  through media and laws to think God does not exist than to acknowledge His reality. They have fallen prey to Satan.
People, if not guarded with the truth, will fall. Even those who call Him by name and do not truly know Him or live out a life evident of His presence "bear fruit" will not be identified by Him. Why? They gave the appearance of His presence, but did not truly receive Him. A dead tree in the summer time when it's life should be bountiful.
Is your life bountiful? Is your life rooted in the river of life? If in Him, have you allowed yourself to surrender to Him? Are you bearing fruit that draws others to you to receive the life of Christ? 
Just a thought.



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