Spiritual CPR

CPR provides the opportunity to give resuscitation, or revive someone who was once dead to life.
How do I respond? What skills do I need to help restore God's presence in my own life and the lives of others?

The understanding of first responders is that he or she can not be available to help others if they are themselves in danger. One can not rescue if he or she is a victim. How do you and I stay out of danger?

Well, we must follow the ABC algorithm. 

 A- Access:           Devote time reading the Bible, God's protocol. Meditate on it.

 B- Believe:          Trust Him.

 C- Conform:       Step out of your comfort zone. Give God control of your life (surrender, submit). 
                              Live according to the word. Yes it is hard, but without practice, you will
                           not succeed.


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