Enduring Hope

" To hope is to believe. Continue to have hope in what you desire, for if you lose hope, you've lost the dream." ~Clinton Fleming

            In the Bible, there is a description of what happens when one is "justified with Christ" or "made exempt" of the penalty of sin. Paul writes about it in the fifth chapter of Romans.  Paul writes that we can "exult" or "be excited, joyful" in the hope of the glory of God (Father, Son (Christ), Holy Spirit) because of having faith in Jesus Christ. Understand, without Christ, no one can enter the kingdom of God, or "see His glory".  When Christ died on the cross, He broke the barrier, or "veil" that separated man from seeing God. Only those who were "holy" or "made hole", the Jewish priests could enter the most holy place, the place where God made Himself available, the tabernacle. Forgiveness of sin was made through sacrifices of the most pure, first born lamb.

            This was changed because God loved His people so much and He wanted an intimate relationship with them.  He made a way that allowed His people direct access to Him, a sacrifice so great, only He could accomplish it. He did through the life, death, and resurrection of His "one and only" son Jesus Christ. Romans 5 states that "we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ". 

           Fruit of the Spirit.  Is that what you are seeking today? Do you desire to know Christ in through a  true, genuine relationship? Do not lose hope. He desires you too! Ask Christ into your life. He will provide the genuine example.  In Romans 5 it continues to say that the "love of God will be poured into our heart through the Holy Spirit who He has given to us" because of faith in Jesus Christ. This is paramount in order to establish a secure foundation in a surrendered life, a life that desires to "do" the will of God here on earth.  In order to "do" so, we must have hope. 

            The word hope as used in our society today usually equates to a "wishy-washy" unsure optimism that the something we "wish" for will happen but without the "certainty" that it will be fulfilled. If your hope is in man, or anything other than God (i.e. wealth, self will, notoriety)you will be disappointed (Job14:19).  In the Bible, HOPE is defined as having a "strong expectation" or confidence that what is unseen will be fulfilled by God.  Understand, this applies to "God inspired" not "man inspired" desires.  Romans 5 says also that " hope does not disappoint". Why? Because of the love of God.  Sure, God loves, His children.  You claim Him, you are adopted by your faith in His son, into God's family.  You are given the Holy Spirit to help communicate with Him and guide you during your journey here on earth.  Hope requires trust for "faith in God" and must be practiced within His will, or parameters. 

            God gives you opportunities to serve Him. You must have faith, trust to know He wants to use you to accomplish His plans (Jeremiah 29:11-14).  Do not underestimate your "SIGNIFICANCE" with God. Enduring hope will allow you to achieve all God has planned for you who are in Him. 


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