Enduring Peace

Isaiah 26:3 " The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in you."

            I would like to start by defining peace using the scripture. In Ephesians
2:14, inner peace is established through Christ's presence in you.  In John 16:33 Jesus stated "In Me you may have peace."

            Inner peace is obtained when you have the presence of God in you.  When you trust God you are able to obtain confidence that will surpass your understanding Philippians 4:7.   I have some questions.

·         How do you respond when troubled? Turn to an addiction for instant gratification? Lash out?  Run away?  Avoid circumstance?
·         Where do you turn when you are uncertain, fearful, in doubt, angry, disappointed? Do you turn to an addiction (smoking, food, gambling, fornication, porn, etc...)?
·         Do you turn to God, but not totally trust Him?

             As evidenced in countless scriptural references, inner peace cannot be obtained or sustained through any other means than an intimate relationship with Christ. Sure, anyone can act peaceful or even obtain a temporary peace usually through unhealthy (spiritual, mental, or physical) means. True peace, that kind that allows you to be content and restful regardless of the circumstance can only be obtained through an unwavering trust in God. Do you trust in Him and what He says in His word? Do you spend time with Him in prayer and in meditation(reading and thinking about His word)? 

            Charles Stanley, in his Life Principles Bible answers the Question" How do I have God's peace? He states in defining peace..."it is the inner sense of contentment and quietness, regardless of life's circumstances. It is steadfast confidence in our ever faithful, immutable heavenly Father. It is the presence of joy in the midst of unhappiness."  Remember I shared that happiness is an event, joy is a condition.  The presence of Christ in you allows Him to condition your heart but you must respond and obey.  Stanley continues to say regards to peace "True peace does not merely dull our pain. A person who has genuine, godly peace can endure an avalanche of hardship and difficulty and still enjoy an inner peace that surpasses all human understanding."
            Christians are not void from feeling the effects of the raging seas of trouble, but can find God's peace will sustain them through the storm.  1-2 weeks ago I was bitten by a dog tick.  Once I saw it, I pulled it off and did not think anything of it.  Within a few days I noticed a small red area surrounding the bite. I thought.."Did not get the head out."  I know that the head cannot pass infection.  Not overly concerned but kept an eye on it.  A few days later noticed a red tender area above the bite, not connected to the bite.  Thought that I may have hit my leg. Well I watched as the area grew in size and sought treatment after it crossed over my leg and started to spread up following my lymph glands.  A fear overcame me of developing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Understand, I had a near death event 7 years ago where I had a significant gut problem. One of the suspected causes was overgrowth of fungus. Well, what effects do antibiotics have but kill off the good flora in the gut that prevent such events. I sought my wife, family, and close friends to pray.  Through faith in God, understanding the health benefits, started the antibiotics, and probiotics to offset the effects of the antibiotics. As of date, after several days of treatment not serious issues.  My health is stabilized, my faith is strong, and able to share with you peace has sustained, though I felt the effects of the storm.

            I hope that you trust and have faith in a heavenly Father that is as real as you or I.  I hope that you will seek God in the midst of your storm. His word is available to you. You have to pick it up, discipline yourself to read it, and obey. You will be amazed at the results.  You may just obtain a true, enduring peace.


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