The True Ecclesia

            God's design for His church. A design, when practiced, propels the body toward transformation, fulfillment in Christ as He was fulfilled in His His death.

            You and I are the church. A body of believers designed to be surrendered and submitted to God.  We are to be working in unison, ever part, to allow fluid like movement, reflecting the image of God to the world.

            Unfortunately, the church in this country has become institutionalized. A body fragmented by man-made denominations disrupting the flow of God. An institution reflecting mans achievements and image, not God's.

            GOOD NEWS! The "great physician" is performing surgery! He is preparing the operating room, calling those who are on call for Him, returning them to assist.

            Are you available? Is your pager tuned on? Are you "trained up" mind, body, and Spirit? Do you have the didactic and practical (knowledge and experience) you need to practice competently in that position for which God has called you to serve? Oh, by the way, do you know your position...your place on the team? Which role do you play?

            Your significance is identified by God, not man!  Respond to the call!


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