A Shelter In Your Storm?

Psalms 91:1 "He who lives in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty".

            Many people who have professed a faith in God have left the institutionalized church do to numerous reasons.  Research shows that many of them have a faith and read the Bible.  Unfortunately, those described do not believe the Bible they are reading is infallible inherent word of God.

            During 9/11, there were many people, who went to local churches or some place of worship seeking God for comfort. Seeking Him with an understanding that the process will maybe give them a sense of peace. Unfortunately, many who went or did not find what they were seeking. Again feeling abandoned and probably neglected once again by God.  Maybe instilling and harboring anger against Him.  After all, God is in control right?   Why would a God who is loving allow such a tragic event? 

            This nation has suffered many great tragedies. One such tragedy that has been present for many generations is a home without a father (present or not). Many children, now adults, have been abandoned and neglected by their father. How can he or she read a book that describes the desire of a Father to love them and provide refuge in time of trouble. How can they find God the Father when they have not experienced a personal relationship with Him?  People have not opened their hearts to God in fear of rejection, retaliation, or not wanting to face the pain once experienced by the neglect of their earthly father. A primary reason why is God resides in the heart of man, not a building. 

God resides in those who have surrendered and submitted to Him as Knights to their King. As responders willing and ready to do the work assigned regardless of the cost to self. Where do you run when you are feeling alone, hurt, as if abandoned by God?  Are you finding Him, or emptiness? If you are finding emptiness, take a close look at the reason why. You may find it is not God's fault. You will not find Him if you are in a position of rebelling against Him. He is waiting on the other side of the door, the door you may have kept closed due to anger, guilt, shame, fear, pain...at God, self, or others. Decide to trust God regardless. Jeremiah 29:11-14 describes the promise of God, a loving Father. He will RESCUE you from captivity and be found by anyone who seeks Him with all of their heart.  Takes a lot of courage to seek God with all your heart.  

God does love you. John 3:16 "God so loves the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life".

            I find it interesting how willing people are to have faith in anything else but God. I agree, as with any relationship that is superficial, little to no effort is required. But, if one wants to go deeper in a relationship, beyond acquaintance, one has to be willing to face uncomfortable times. But, once that wall has been pierced, you realize that you find what you have been looking for, your "heart's desire".  Unfortunately, many people have been deceived by the institutionalized church that a relationship with God is easy and will allow their lives to be as if "tiptoeing through the tulips".  Well, in reality, there is a wonderful joy that is obtained in a genuine relationship with Christ, but life on earth continues for now. There will be hard times, but He is available to those who seek Him. A shelter in the storm or in situations where everything seems to be "falling" or caving down.

            Innocent lives were lost on 9/11 for reasons we may never know. I WILL NEVER FORGET!! But I cannot be imprisoned by the memory of  it either. No, I was not there in person, but as a trained fire/medic, I suffered loss. The loss of seeing fellow "brothers" dying, the loss of not being able to be there to help, and the loss of the sense of security of living in this country.  I have seen innocent die, many in my hands and I had no control over their fate. I could only try to provide hope.  Thank God for His presence in my life during those times and for future events.  I will not fear....HE IS WITH ME while I RESPOND TO THE CALL. 


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