Bask in the rays of our Father's light. Praise and glorify His name. His mercy and grace transcends our understanding.

His desire for each of us is unfathomable. Deeper than our ability to comprehend yet allows us to experience.

As you travel through the vallies, look up unto His majesty. Seeing the mountains as if they are His fingertips. Sense your presence in the palm of His hand.

He is in control!!!

The oceans cannot contain the depth of our Father's love. The power of the greatest waves do not measure in comparison to our Father's strength.

The darkest night cannot hold back the penitrable power of His light. He knows, "I AM." Says our Father. "Do not fret, I AM WITH YOU!"

It is hard to listen when our ears are plugged with the sounds of our worries. Trust is practiced when we keep our eyes on Him and not the water.

Guilt has no place when stepping out. He knows our weaknesses and lifts us up. Keep focus on Him.


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