Time to Reconcile

Imagine your life without an account with Abba. Very vulnerable to theft. Satan and his demons are on the prowl looking for those who are living foolishly with their life's credit. The credit afforded by the death and resurrection of Christ.

We are in a period of reckoning. Reconcile your account with God. Come to balance. Now is the time. Any other tower or means of protection will crumble. Pay off dept and "forgive your debtors". Surrender to the one who desires to manage your assets..your life and all it contains.

Live according to the first great commandment, "Love thy God with all thy heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind" Matthew 22:37.  What sustains your life? Your heart. Surrender all that sustains you, career, family, possessions, etc to Him. Allow Him to have complete control. Surrender your mind, do not fret. Surrender you soul. Know God as a bondslave...surrender your rights to yourself. Then serve in freedom as a bondslave to God.

Then and only then will you obtain complete satisfaction that you life is in "GOod Hands".


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