Be Still

Have you ever planned an event where you got so caught up in the task of hosting that event that you neglected your purpose for having the event in the first place? Or maybe somebody asked you to do something and you get caught up in the process of completing what they've asked you to do that you overlook the reason why you are fulfilling the request?

I remember a time when I invited some new friends over to the house to meet my family and have dinner. The evening flowed well. Time was spent in introduction, getting to know one another and then sitting down to the meal. Unfortunately, at the end of the meal, I took the dishes into the kitchen and startd cleaning dishes instead of going back to my family and guests to continue engaging them.  Not realizing I was neglecting the opportunity for fellowship. It didn't take me long to realize that I was getting caught up in the task of being a host.

There is value in setting work aside. In regards to serving God, we have to remember the reason why we serve. The purpose is not so much for others but for us. God desires time with us. He desires for us become more mature in our walk with Him.

Part of maturity when walking with God is trust and knowing what your responsibility is and what it is not. We each must trust in His authority over us and that which He desires in us and those we influence.

“The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.” Exodus 14:14

Rest assure, God knows what needs to be done. Rest in Him. Enjoy your walk with Him and those He invites you to walk with. He always finishes what He starts


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