God's University (Part 2)

The Great Commission and the two great commandments reveal the desire of God to bestow upon man the same responsibility that He gave His son Jesus Christ.In order to receive such an honor, man must enter into a relationship as so intimate with God as the relationship He had with His son Jesus.

The early apostles experience such intimacy. They lived their lives not only engaged with God, but so committed,  surrendered and submitted to Him they practiced God's supernatural power. A power instilled through the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Understand their walk with God was a lifestyle. Lived out every day.

Today, the institutional church is divided not only corporately but individually as well. Many "Christians" are living compartmentalized lives. Their Christian association is expressed only on the major holidays or marginally on Sunday. Availability is key in a relationship.Being a Christian is not an entitlement, it is a calling ( John 15:16, 19). Too many seek esteem from man, not God. God esteems through discipline (obedience). Out of the discipline fruit is developed.

Man esteems through appearance. Works done to obtain favor with God. Those who do not have eyes to see are deceived to think works  will equate favor from God.  Reference (Galatians 2:16). In the same light, experience does not substitute knowledge or vice versa. Both knowledge and experience play a part in maturing the believer ( Jame 1:21-25).Professing Christ is a lifestyle, not a hobby or social club. Living like Christ demands suffering. Suffering commands favor.

If it is a club you want, then join the institution. If it is a relationship with God you want, regardless of the cost, than live in the light of the Kingdom so to walk in the light of the LORD. Be a bond servant. Give up your rights to yourself and live in freedom in an intimate relationship with the Father. Man and the institution will reject you, God will redeem you. 


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