A Path Toward Righteousness

The path toward righteousness provides opportunity for me to be trasformed to the likeness of Christ's, sinless. Free from the bondage of a fallen world.

Why do I still sin? I choose to. Why do I choose to? To satisfy my flesh, to fit in with the crowd, or any other numerous reasons I may try to justify.  Who is in control? Me or God?

Transformation is a process of which I learn why, what, and how I must surrender my "rights" to my Father, God. I am responsible for my choices and actions.

Is fulfillment is Christ impossible? No. In Christ, am I identified by God as a dirty rag? No. I am made pure through Christ. He washed away my right to guilt and shame on the cross. I am His prize.

Ephesians 5:3,4 identifies how I am to reflect the immage of Christ to myself and the world. I fall short at times. I do not excuse my failure, I confess it to myself, a brother I can confide in and my Father.I must understand the root or link that caused my weakness and with God's strenghth, delete it. I must allow God to renew my mind. Defragment my hard drive. Allows for faster download and proper function of my computer.

Help me Father, as I surrender to you, to be transformed by the renewing of my mind, to have the mind of Christ  to reflect my true identity, a bondslave ( heart, mind, and soul) of your Kingdom. Help me to practice your ways so others will see you through the window of my heart.


  1. Good word brother. May we continue to be conformed into the image of Christ, no matter the cost.


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