Proceed with CAUTION

I pray this next year you will continue in the quest God has bestowed upon you. Your relationship with Him is key. Allow Him to continue to transform you. Be careful who you allow in your camp.

Watch for the enemy! Hold your position. Rely on God's supernatural power to provide you the strength you need to do His work.

Be bold! Do not allow the tricks of the enemy seperate you from the Fathers presence. Keep your armor on. Know it's usefulness and power.

Be prepared to render aid when needed. Decern those who seek your help. The enemy is deceitful. What appears worthy of your aid may not be. May be a weapon of the enemy to plant a vessel of destruction.

Know your assignment.  Serve it well. Do not envy the works of others. Trust our Father's will for you. His strategies and tactics are not your own.. Knowing His plan is key. Fulfilling your assignment is vital to the success of His plan.

Remediate, remediate, remediate. Practice makes perfect. Preparation is vital. Do not grow weak or weary. You loose vital skills if you slumber.

Read Proverbs chapter 3. Keep it handy. You have permission to keep me accountable to do the same.
A unified few is stronger than a disorganized many. Be honest with God, self, and others. Integrity associates one with whom the honor and glory is to be given.

In Him, for Him, through Him


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