Going Home

Well, its that place on my path that turns ever
so much, that you and I will not see each other for a while. Our parting is bittersweet. When you think of me, just smile.

I’m looking forward to what is around the bend, a new life beginning, an old life comes to an end. Oh, don’t you worry about me, I will not be alone. Jesus is there waiting for me at the gate where  I’ll be given a crown of which I will lay down at His feet as I kneel before Him at the threshold of His throne.

This is the part of my journey I’ve read and heard about so many times. No longer will I wonder what the sight will  be, for soon I will gaze upon its glory and with my own eyes see, my Father in heaven with open arms, waiting for me.

So, I know you understand the subtle conflict within my heart,while temporary, it is sad to comprehend that we must part but without it, my new beginning would never start.

My request, stay on this path, keep up with it’s pace. Be submitted and surrendered to God. Read the map. Don’t get lost. Finish the race.

I am glad that He lead me in the right direction and He put me back on track when I desired to roam. I know my destination, my mind, heart, and soul are prepared, no hesitation. Can you blame me? I’m going home!


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