Happy New Year


Another page to be turned over as we look ahead to a new year. Hopefully 2020 served to  open the eyes of each to see how prevalent and diffuse the enemy is. 

If there was ever a  need for focus, it is now. What is necessary for each as we are called to focus on Fathers will/plan? 

1) Relationship: 

Relationship is key!!!! Each member of the body must be in constant communication with the triune God head.  A healthy relationship with God is not only being mindful of Him, but intentionally seeking Him in mind, body, and soul. 

Praying to Father, studying His word and doing as He instructs through His word and Spirit are exercises to build a deep, intimate relationship with Father. Obedience!! 

Physical exercise allows for your circulation to flow uninterrupted. So does your Spiritual and mental exercise. Mediocrity is the agent to induce imminent Spiritual death. 

2) Communication:

Communication is a necessary component of any relationship. Prayer is key to open, intimate relationship with Father. It must be intentional. Purposed to position one self to hear His will and not one's own. 

3) Prioritization:

Prioritization arranges that which is most important in God's plan. Only He can arrange the order and timing. Each disciple must be available to allow Father to align him/herself to receive His instruction as He fits each into his/her place and responsibility.

4) Planning:

Jeremiah 29:11-14 informs that God has a plan. One key ingredient/requirement is the surrendering of an individual's heart. Why? No matter how perfect a plan is, if the will of the individual is not surrendered or submitted to it, the plan is powerless. God can't empower if you or I are not engaged.

5) Development: 

A potter can not form hardened block of clay into a useful vessel. The clay must be malleable. How is clay softened? Water. Revelations 22 chapter title is River and tree if Life.

A life positioned along the banks of the Kingdom of God is poised to develop into a life bearing fruit that quenches those hungry for truth. 

Part of the devevelopment if a fruitfull tree is pruning. Essential for growth. 

6) Implementation:

Implementation is the release of a tool to make its effect. Each of you is designed for a specific purpose. Your effect as a tool of His will depend on how well you respond to His leading. 

Let Him lead you. His authority will establish the path, your obedience will provide the vessel, His life through you  will fulfill the call. 


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