To Be Or Not To Be

During my career as a Paramedic, I would teach CPR to the public so to empower the students with the skills that could help him or her save a life. 

Who is the first responder to the first responders? The general public. During my CPR classes, I would refer to my students as the first responders. Why? Because they were. 

By reffering to them as such, I instilled a sense of belonging which would in turn help to secure the individuals sense of ownership to the well being of his or her neighbor. 

In Acts 20:35, Paul teaches that we are to help the weak. Also, we are reminded of the words of Jesus, "it is better to give than to receive". 

What is the value of ownership without the understanding of the significance of that of which you own? Setting aside greed, ownership should bring a sense of gratitude. It is that gratitude in the believer that should act as the motivator to give.

If I have Christ, understanding the significance of that relationship, I should be be grateful and be motivated to bring others into a relationship with Him. 

Without Christ, I can not have love, without love, I can not have compassion. Without compassion I can not care, without caring I can not give.  If I do not give, I can not receive. If I can not receive, I can not have Christ. Without Christ, I can not live. If I can not live, I die. If I die, I can not give, If I can not give, that one may not receive.

In Christ, I am available to become a reservoir filled with the life sustaining water which is Christ. A resevoir is available for consumption. If I do not make myself available to be consumed, my contents may become stagnant, unsatisfying to even those most in need. Unable to be used by whom I was created for.



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