Faith like Noah

In Noah's time, man was very corrupt. Man was not the least bit interested in following God. They had their own gods. But, there was Noah. A light in the crowd.  In Genesis 6, Noah was favored by God. Why? Noah was righteous (right with God). He did not follow the ways of man. He surrendered and submitted his desires for God's. He obeyed God. Noah was blameless. God honored Noah and came to him detailing His plans to "reboot" the earth. Think of that, God telling Noah how he was going to destroy man because of his corruption and start over.  God was not in error, man was. Noah was selected because of his righteousness and God protected him, showed favor.

Genesis chapters 6-9 describes Noah as a man that did not question God's plans, just did them. That takes an incredible amount of trust, surrender, submission, obedience, and love.  Noah must of had an incredible amount of trust in God. Trust established upon a great relationship. A relationship built upon a foundation of love, honor, respect, good communication, time spent together and action.

I have always been amazed at the character of Noah. Can you imagine just how difficult the task of building the arck had to have been? First, just the will to do it. What an incredible task, but Noah did not stand back and question it. He did not create excuses to not do it. Then, he was committed to it. He worked hard, even against the questions of his family and the ridicule of many people.  He was focused on task given to him. His action was not based on the acceptance of man, but God. Time was not a factor either. He did not set his faith upon the amount of time it took. Diligent because of the call from God. Responsible because he wanted to honor God. Love for God because of his faith. Thankful, content.

Do you or I carry out our lives striving to honor God in the same way? Do we live according to God's plan? Are we in His will? Do I stand out from the rest, even when I am being chastised for living for God or do I cower? Do I trust God? Does God trust me? Have I been obedient? Do I know for myself that I can do what He gives me to do?

Imagine if you were like Noah. What would God do with you? Deepen your relationship with him and you will find out. 


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