Comply to God's Guidelines

Isaiah 50:10 " Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant? Let the one who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on their God."
We live in a society, that without laws, would be in chaos.  Humans need order. I like Jesus's parable of the sheep. We are like lost sheep without order.  Also, order guides us in controlling balance between the good and bad characteristics of ourselves.  Guidelines help keep us in bounds.

The question is, which set of guidelines do you or I believe truly provide the best "protection"? As a Christian, identified in Christ, I surrender my will to the will of God. How am I able to do this? I choose to believe.  My belief allows for God to reveal himself not recognized by the "naked" eye.  Naked-void of the Holy Spirit.  My belief allows me to step out of "self control", exemplified by Peter stepping out onto the water, and be guided on the trajectory toward Jesus.

A thought occurred to me.  In health care, patients are expected to take on the responsibility of caring for themselves by being compliant to the health guidelines established by his or her physician. In today's society which is becoming increasingly more entitled and enabled, there is an increasing decline in the "compliance" of patients.  I noticed this while serving as a paramedic and even more as a nurse. This trend creates a significant amount of stress on the system. Some examples include but not limited to repeat visits caused by continued symptoms, increased stress on physicians and other health care providers frustrated by the lack of patient responsibility, and of course increased cost on health care facilities treating patients who are not responsible.

As a Christian for over thirty-five years, I have seen the same situation occur in my own life and those who are in the church. People lacking in a mature relationship with Christ as evidenced by the lacking of fruit being harvested.  Many people are not being "compliant" to God's guidelines. Why? I believe is credited in some part to entitlement and enabling. Also there is an apathy and complacency in those who "call Jesus by name only" as opposed to "relationship". 

As a first responder, if you are associated by Christ only by name and not through an intimate relationship with Him, you fall into the same category as those who are "non-compliant" in being responsible for their relationship with Christ.  Often, the responsibility to "fulfill the great commission" and "live according to the two great commandments" are passed on to those who are "professionals" such as pastors, rabies, or chaplains. 

Living the life of a disciple means I surrender and submit to Christ. It means I will not be transformed or influenced by the fallen world of which I live. It means I will intentionally follow His principles and take on the responsibility I have been a life that bears the fruit or evidence of Christ's control.


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