Condition of the Heart

             Happiness is an experience....
                               Joy is a condition.
                                                ~Clint Fleming

Psalm 119:111 " I have inherited Your testimonies forever, Fore they are
                                          are the joy of my heart."

Life brings a plethora of experiences.  Many people equate happy times as a  "Mountain Top" experience and unhappy times as "Valley" experiences.  If you have ever been to the top of a mountain, the space is small and often barren of life.  The valley is just the opposite, life is abundant. The trees, flowers, rivers, and the majestic view of the mountains surrounding you revives the soul. 

As you and I walk on the road of life, we will have good and bad experiences.  The human soul seeks the emotion of happiness. Strength is not provided through emotion. People do not like to experience sadness. Why?  Sadness identifies separation and isolation.  Christ did not come to separate us or provide unsustainable happiness, He came to re-establish a relationship with Him (God-Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and re-instill the joy God intended for us to have. A condition that is provided by a life fulfilled in Him. Content with His presence and will.

Life bombards us with high and low experiences. A roller coaster of emotions. You and I are not designed to tolerate the trauma under our own power.

Without Christ, a person is separated from God and joy...true joy is unobtainable without Christ. A relationship with Christ provides opportunity for someone to obtain His strength that will sustain you through the peaks and valleys of life.

If you continue without Christ, you will wear out and perish. With Christ,  an intimate relationship, not just identity through someone else,you may experience the highs and lows. His strength will provide you the endurance to sustain your journey here on earth and bring you home to Him.


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